Please note investing in early stage businesses is high risk. Investments of this nature carry risk to your capital. Start-ups often fail or do not deliver a return for the investor. You should take such independent advice as you deem appropriate. Please Invest Aware.

When you invest through our Clan Investment round, you buy shares in the company, which gives you a percentage of ownership in the belief that the value of the company will increase over time. These investments are long-term and are used by the company to grow. You’ll have the option to invest from €115 in A ordinary shares.

The share price for this round is €115.00.

The company will provide quarterly updates and a more detailed update once a year. We also welcome investors to contact us directly with any questions or suggestions they may have. If you believe your skill set could add value to the company, please reach out and set-up a meeting to further discuss. 

Clan B Ordinary share investments less than €50,000 will be held by the Nominee. The Ahascragh Distillers Nominee will hold the legal title to shares on trust for you on the basis of the schedule to the Ahascragh Distillers Ltd investor terms. Each share carries one vote per share, pre-emption rights on an issue or transfer of shares, and equal economic rights to a dividend or distribution to other ordinary shares in issue.

Yes, this round of funding is eligible for EIIS. The company will support you with an EIIS application after the issue of the shares for investments greater than €1,000. Irish residents get 40% tax back therefore an investment of €1,000 will cost investors €600.

It is worth noting that if an investor is availing of EIIS, the value of the reward and benefit is deducted from their tax relief. Investors can opt out of receiving rewards or benefits. 

Our campaign will be completed in Euros,  therefore all investment will be taken in Euros. The foreign exchange rate will be calculated at the time of payment.

Yes there are benefits to investing. Investors own a piece of the company and voters rights in the company. Investors may also be eligible for additional rewards and benefits in this round of funding. The rewards are based on the type and level of investment and range from gifts to special events and experiences.

It is worth noting that if an investor is availing of EIIS, the value of the reward and benefit is deducted from their tax relief. Investors can opt out of receiving rewards or benefits. 

Once the funding round has finished, we will begin to roll-out the rewards and benefits to qualifying new investors. Over the course of 2022, we will keep our investors up-to-date on progress and delivery of their personal gifts and special experiences. Investors can contact with any queries in relation to their rewards.

The company does not have any external debt. The company owns all strategic assets.

  • €1.80 million equity raised in seed round on top of €1.50 million provided by the Founders
  • Clan Colla Irish Whiskey & Xin Gin on sale in Ireland, launching internationally this year
  • Achieved Third party validation (FDT) of our energy efficiency design and sustainable process
  • National coverage in Irish Times, Sunday Business Post, and RTÉ Radio
  • Cask Programme sales exceeding projections for 2021
  • ‘The Old Mill Shop & Café’ opened June 2021 and is serving the local community and those interested in seeing a distillery build

For mainland Europe we have a Sales Director, Malcolm Paterson, an experienced Jim Beam sales person, based in Switzerland who is covering the continent, ME, Africa and India. We have a Commercial Director, Seán Mahon, covering Ireland, UK, Sweden and the US. For Asia we are relying on our connections and partners known since we lived in Shanghai and Hong Kong. They act as our importer and will manage local distributors for us. Longer term we plan to have a sales person on the ground in China and in the US. Alison Greene, our Marketing Manager, works closely with Malcolm, Seán and our partners in China, India and the US.

COVID 19 has impacted the speed of which we want to establish routes to market, with travel restrictions being a key issue. Thankfully we have strong connections established in Asia and our sales team are leveraging their connections – all be it through Zoom these days. 

Revenue streams are as follows; spirit, cask and merchandise sales; café earnings; third party bottling and storage; events / hospitality; visitor tours; new make sales to independent bottlers. The first five are up and running. The latter three will kick in when the distillery is finished.

If you have further questions, we would love to hear from you at

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