Our story


We are Gareth and Michelle McAllister, a husband and wife team from Dublin, Ireland. Having lived and worked in countries across Europe, the US and Asia, we returned to Ireland with the dream of turning our passion for craft Irish spirits into a family business. We set our sights on opening a whiskey and gin distillery in the West of Ireland and when we visited the old mill in Ahascragh, County Galway, we fell in love with its story: the beautiful stonework, the history of the buildings and the character of the small village drew us in.

Ahascragh Distillers was established with the purpose of producing authentically crafted Irish spirits to the highest quality of tasting experience with unique and innovative flavours.

Our mission is to help family and friends celebrate meaningful moments and occasions, strengthening new and old connections.


Our family name, McAllister, is of Scottish-Irish origins. McAllisters first ruled the islands in the North Sea between Ireland and Scotland. These same islands are now famed for their whisky making. However, they eventually settled on the mainland.

Whiskey became a family business and by the 1800s McAllister’s “Clan Colla” Irish Whiskey was well known far and wide.

However, at the turn of the last century, the well-documented fall of Irish whiskey took Clan Colla with it.

But today, bound by honour and tradition, we’ve brought it back and aim to return Clan Colla to its rightful place amongst the world’s great whiskeys.

OUR Distillery

Ahascragh Mill dates back to the early 1800s and up until the 1950s processed grain into flour. Located in the heart of the village and steeped in history, the mill complex has remained derelict for the past 70 years. The building will have a new lease of life with plans for a world class whiskey experience and hospitality destination inside a working craft distillery in the village of Ahascragh, County Galway.


Ahascragh Distillery will be the home of our spirits. The old mill will be converted into a whiskey and gin craft distillery, in the heart of the village. The distillery will be powered by renewable energy and at its core will be a passion and drive for a carbon neutral operation.


Through tours, tastings and workshops, the visitor centre will offer an intimate and unique experience. A permanent exhibition of the salvaged mill equipment will celebrate the history of the buildings while also exploring Irish whiskey making and the future of the Ahascragh spirit.


Located in the heart of the village, The Old Mill Shop & Café is a part of our story. Now open, the shop and café serves delicious food and sells our finest brands. Bespoke pieces of furniture inspired by the old mill, using salvaged equipment, are pride of place in the café and shop. 



We would like to hear any comments or questions you may have regarding our plans to convert the old mill buildings in Ahascragh into a craft distillery.