Clan Colla

Irish legend tells tales of The Three Collas. Cairell Colla Uais, Muiredach Colla Fo Chrí and Áed Colla Menn were three brothers who conquered and ruled over most of Ireland. The eldest, Colla Uais, became Ard Rí: The High King of Ireland.

From these Three Collas descended the noble families of Ireland and Scotland. These families were known as the “Clan Colla”. Our clan, the McAllisters, are one such family.

This fine 20 year old malt was distilled in 2001, matured in Bourbon barrels and finished in Amarone Casks. A single cask release of just 300 bottles at cask strength makes this a special expression.


The first Single Malt release in our Family Bond Series was distilled in 2001 and represents an extremely limited release.

A smooth yet complex blend of malt and grain whiskeys.



Family is a life-long bond between people, be it by blood or by choice. Therefore, it is no accident our first releases are known as our Family Bond. 

While we wait for the first drop of Ahascragh spirit, we want to give you a taste of what’s to come. We begin our whiskey journey with our Family Bond of hand selected releases. These special releases although not distilled by us, are partly matured, finished, and blended by us and bottled in our home in the West of Ireland.

A bond sealed with our whiskey is hard to break. 

We’re helping family and friends celebrate meaningful moments and occasions.