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Gareth & Michelle McAllister

Ahascragh Distilery

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"Forging a Sustainable Legacy."

Meet our Founders Gareth and Michelle

Gareth and Michelle McAllister, a husband-and-wife team from Dublin, have traversed the globe, immersing themselves in diverse cultures and experiences.

Returning to Ireland with a shared dream of transforming their passion for craft Irish spirits into a family business, they discovered the perfect canvas for their vision at the old mill in Ahascragh, County Galway. Captivated by its rich history, picturesque stonework, and the serene countryside, they embarked on a journey to revive this hidden gem.

Together with a dedicated team at Ahascragh Distillery, Gareth and Michelle are committed to crafting innovative and sustainable spirits that elevate meaningful moments for family and friends. Their mission is clear: to be Ireland's first energy zero emissions distillery, setting a new standard for environmental responsibility in the industry. Supported by the local community, Gareth and Michelle invite you to join them on this extraordinary journey as they celebrate the spirit of tradition, innovation, and community in every sip.


Gareth McAllister

A Chemical Engineer with 30 years’ experience in the chemical and process industries. Most recently based in Hong Kong as President, Asia Pacific, of LORD Corporation, a technology and manufacturing company.

Gareth’s current focus is to turn his passion for Irish whiskey into a family business.

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Michelle McAllister

A trained psychologist and creator of Xin Gin. An avid collector of gins from around the world with a goal to combine the flavours she’s experienced on her travels with Irish botanicals.

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