"A bond sealed with our whiskey is hard to break." 

Family Bond

Family is a life-long bond between people, be it by blood or by choice. Therefore, it is no accident our first releases are known as our Family Bond. 

While we wait for the first drop of New Born spirit to mature, we want to give you a taste of what’s to come. We begin our whiskey journey with our Family Bond of hand selected releases. These special releases although not distilled by us, are partly matured, finished, and blended by us and bottled in our home in the West of Ireland.

A bond sealed with our whiskey is hard to break

We’re helping family and friends celebrate meaningful moments and occasions. 

Irish legend tells the story of The Three Collas

Coll Fo Chrí 
Colla Uais
Colla Menn

Caireall Colla Uais, Muiredach Colla Fo Chrí and Aed Colla Menn, three brothers who conquered and ruled over most of Ireland, with Colla Uais becoming Ard Rí: The High King of Ireland in the 4th century.

History tells us there was a rule or ‘geis’ against the slaying of a sitting Ard Rí. If a person were to violate that geis, none of their descendants would ever accede to the throne. But Colla Uais and his daring warriors slew the sitting Ard Rí and defeated his followers thus becoming Ard Rí of all Ireland for four short but glorious years from 322 AD. 

The Three Collas were driven from the throne in 326 AD. Their clans were banished from Ireland to Scotland. When The Three Collas returned to Ireland after a difficult three years, they assembled an army and succeeded in establishing the Kingdom of Airgialla in Ulster.

Descendants of The Three Collas are amongst the noblest families of Ireland and Scotland, more commonly recognised as the ‘Clan Colla’. The McAllisters are one such family, and through the 1800s McAllister’s “Clan Colla Irish Whiskey” was known far and wide for its exceptional quality. However, the well-documented fall of Irish Whiskey took Clan Colla with it. Today, bound by honour and tradition, the clan has brought it back, with the vision to return their whiskey to its rightful place amongst the world’s great whiskeys.

Clan Colla - Honour Bound

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