Embrace Refreshing Sophistication: Dive into the Exquisite Blend of Thyme & Lemongrass Infused XIN Gin in Our Signature Gin Fizz. Delight in the Harmonious Marriage of Herbal Thyme, Citrusy Lemongrass, and Premium XIN Gin. Elevate Your Tastebuds with a Sparkling Fusion of Botanical Bliss.


  • 60ml XIN Gin
  • 15ml Thyme + Lemongrass Syrup
  • 25ml Lime Juice
  • Pineapple
  • Sage
  • Egg whites

How to make a Smoked Old Fashioned

  • Prepare the Glass: Chill a highball or Collins glass by filling it with ice cubes. Let it sit while you prepare the cocktail.
  • Muddle: In a cocktail shaker, combine 15ml of thyme + lemongrass syrup, 25 ml of lime juice, and a few pineapple chunks. Add a few sage leaves. Gently muddle the ingredients to release their flavours.

  • Add Gin: Pour 60 ml of XIN Gin into the cocktail shaker.
  • Shake: Fill the shaker with ice cubes. Secure the lid tightly and shake vigorously for about 10-15 seconds to chill the mixture and froth the egg whites.
  • Strain: Remove the ice from the prepared glass. Using a strainer, carefully strain the cocktail mixture from the shaker into the chilled glass.
  • Top with Soda: 7. Top up the glass with soda water to add fizziness to the cocktail.
  • Garnish: Garnish the cocktail with a sprig of fresh thyme and a slice of lemon or pineapple, if desired.

Serve: Your XIN - Thyme & Lemongrass Gin Fizz cocktail is now ready to be served. Enjoy responsibly!