"A unique fusion of pot still, single malt, and single grain Irish whiskey."

The Independent Spirit

UAIS (pron. OOSH)

UAIS is an Irish Whiskey with an innovative twist. A blend of old and new; traditions, flavours and stories. A step up from the ordinary.

This whiskey is named for Cairel Colla Uais: one of the famed Three Collas, brothers who once ruled ancient Ireland. Against tradition Uais overthrew the sitting monarch and ruled as High King for four short but glorious years.

Colla Uais

Irish legend tells the story of The Three Collas. Caireall Colla Uais, Muiredach Colla Fo Chrí and Aed Colla Menn, three brothers who conquered and ruled over most of Ireland, with Colla Uais becoming Ard Rí: The High King of Ireland in the 4th century.

Irish history tells us there was a steadfast rule against the slaying of a sitting High King. If a person were to violate that rule, none of their descendants would ever accede to the Irish throne. But Colla Uais (pron. Oosh) and his daring warriors slew the sitting monarch and defeated his followers, thus becoming the High King of Ireland

And so our legend was born.

R e a d   m o r e  

More of the Good Stuff

UAIS: The Triple Blend is a unique fusion of:

  • 25% Pot Still
  • 25% Single Malt
  • 50% Grain whiskeys

The three types of Irish whiskey blended together in perfect harmony.

Tasting Notes

NOSE: Pear and apple

TASTE: Smooth with honey and butterscotch, tropical fruits, vanilla toffee and banana.

FINISH: A sweet fudgy finish with lots of vanilla and a light chewiness

VOLUME: 70cl


UAIS - More of the Good Stuff

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