Opening Celebrations

Opening Celebrations

Ahascragh Distillery, Ireland’s first zero energy emissions distillery has officially opened the doors of the state of the art distillery. Built within a restored nineteenth century mill, guests will tour our state-of-the-art distillery, exploring whiskey and gin production from grain to glass and the history of an old mill.  

Ahascragh Distillery

The eco-distillery is powered by renewable energy – wind, solar and coming soon, hydro, using very high temperature heat pump technology and an energy efficient storage system. As no fossil fuels or gas will be used to drive the production process, there will be no carbon emissions from the energy supply side of the distillery. This is a first for the industry. As a result, the spirit to flow from Ahascragh Distillery can be classified as zero emissions, minimising the impact to the local environment.

With an overall investment of €10 million, this project has created over 20 direct jobs in the rural village of Ahascragh and surrounding areas. It will also support a further 60-70 indirect jobs through local supply chains.


Built within a restored nineteenth century mill in the village of Ahascragh, Ballinsloe, Co. Galway, fully guided tours of the state-of-the-art distillery include a journey through the history of the old mill and an exploration of whiskey and gin production. Visitors will be immersed in the art of distillation, where age old tradition, meets modern innovation, finishing with a tasting of our award-winning sourced expressions, Clan Colla Irish Whiskey, UAIS Irish Whiskey and on-site distilled Xin Gin. Ahascragh Distillery is an authentic destination for whiskey and gin enthusiasts and anyone interested in history, tradition and craftsmanship.

The tours include:

  • A guided tour of the state-of-the-art distillery. A journey through the history of the old mill, the craft of whiskey and gin distillation and the future of Ahascragh Distillery.
  • A tasting of the award-winning whiskeys and gin, Clan Colla Irish Whiskey, UAIS Irish Whiskey and Xin Gin
  • A visit to The Old Mill Shop & Café

Gareth McAllister, Founder said “The opening of Ahascragh Distillery as Ireland’s first zero energy emissions distillery, marks a step forward for the whiskey industry and a commitment to a greener future. The distillery will attract whiskey and gin enthusiasts but  people will also be very interested in our zero-emissions technology. This is new and innovative technology for the industry and really sets Ahascragh Distillery apart.”

Michelle McAllister, Founder “Over the past two years, we have watched the building come back to life. We have restored the stonework, salvaged the mill equipment and protected the buildings charm. It has been a labour of love, not only for Gareth and I, but for our entire team and the community. The visitor experience will celebrate the history and future of the building. We are excited to showcase the distillery, the village and our award-winning whiskeys and gin to the world!”